My Birthday Celebration

My birthday month was a BLAST! 

I celebrated my 28th birthday having four different events. The week of my birthday I threw an old skool 90’s theme birthday party. Where I invited my family and friends for an throw back 90’s turn up. 

IMG_5627 My best friend came from Chicago and college buddy from STJ. Us together brought back so many memories. 

IMG_5640  I invited my co workers…Well the ones I actually like, to the turn up.

IMG_5715Pose for the camera. I brought this really cool backdrop from Amazon. Side note you can never go wrong with a yellow fanny back. 

The next day my parents took me and my best girl friends to Red Lobster. Red Lobster always holds a special place in my heart, it’s  bit of a family tradition. Of course, I’ve been to much fancier restaurants but the biscuits are sooo good. omg! 


The second week of my birthday, I went to LA for some California love. I like Cali, of course New York holds a huge place in my heart, but it was nice to get a break from the city. 

IMG_5773 Me at Venice Beach with my “Birthday” Swimsuit from Fashionova 

IMG_5761.JPGA selfie…I love a good red lip

IMG_5865 Swing swing….My friends and I stayed at an Airbnb in Eagle Rock and it was beautiful…If you’re looking for a good Airbnb in Cali, let me know. 

If you know me . You will know that I am all about a good brunch and day party. My last and final celebration was at Hudson Terrace in New York City. 

IMG_5868 A flyer made by BIB Ent. Love those guys so much! 

IMG_5914 My girls came over and made sure I was ready to party with some courage juice. 

IMG_5922 Me and my cousin, Jeanine…So glad she came out to show some love. 

IMG_5911 Just me…

I hope you all enjoy my mini BDAY photo album. If you had a recent birthday tell me how you celebrated youth. 




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