Fab 90’s Looks


Tomorrow is my birthday and I’m so excited. Every year I plan an outing and a getaway trip. This year makes no difference. This year I plan to have a 90’s themed birthday party at an Airbnb.  The week after that a few friends and I are going to LA. 

I am excited about the events and have great looks for both. It’s my 28th birthday so I have to go in with a bang.

Today’s post will be about my favorite 90’s looks and where I got my inspiration for my birthday outfit. 

47e3d37f237b6ccebc727706053654d7 I love a comfy bright colored sweater   

706e184c877aab216edacedbde2cba39       Adidas is my favorite active brand…I’m not sure if I will wear any of it the day of my party but I love how Riri pulled this look.  

863e311a5a949078821789a2fd1caa80          I love the glasses with the tribal hat…I’m not sure if I’ll be wearing glasses that night but this def a look worth shouting out. 

c65d314704ed6fa9e066527933423809I definitely had a pair of door knocker heart shaped earring with a matching nameplate necklace. Correct, I still have my nameplate haha


Photo Source: Pinterest 

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