Kim’s 30th Birthday Brunch:Women Empowerment



It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon with a high 61 degrees. It’s been a while since we had “decent” weather in the island of Manhattan so any over 30, we’ll take it!

I touched up my red lipstick, grabbed my faux fur shawl and hopped inside a cab. After a long cab ride, due to traffic in the FDR, the cab driver parked in front of Laduree. Laduree is an upscale Parisian bakery/restaurant with tasty French macarons and tea in the heart of Soho.

I stepped out the cab and was greeted by the woman of the hour. “Hey, Robin we’re right here”. I smiled and quickly walked towards my new gal pal, Kim. “Happy Birthday Kim, you look so cute,” I said to Kim as I admire her pink dress.

We were quickly seated despite that some of the ladies were running late.

The table and décor were absolutely beautiful, from the crystal chandler to the freshly cut lilies on the table. It was the perfect set up for a Classy 30th Birthday Brunch.

An hour has passed and the seats were filled with beautiful and intelligent women who were all there to celebrate Kim’s birthday.  During the brunch, we shared testimonies, advice, and stories about life.

Kim gave a speech and said the purpose of this brunch was not only celebrating her birthday but to connect with other women who may deal with the same issues in life. “We as women should empower each other” and I couldn’t agree more. 

I thanked Kim for inviting me, even though I don’t know her as long as the other ladies, I am happy to spend my Saturday afternoon with positive and empowered women. Below are pictures of that day.  

selfie Me…A few hours before brunch  

IMG_5047 Inside the cab…Shout out to Snap Chat

IMG_5054The Menu…


IMG_5042 Front…


IMG_5046Tea time…  

IMG_5053The ladies and I. 

kimBirthday gal!


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