3 Things I NEED to Work On

As I get older I began to see certain things about myself that are not okay. Ehh, seeing that statement in black and white is part of the step to a better ME. Below are 3 things I need to work on.


Family Time

I love my family and they are very important to me. But in the past couple of months, I’ve been a bad communicator. A plain text message or phone call can make a world of a difference.  I plan to communicate with my family, especially since my brother (last child) is leaving for school, my mom is going to be hella bored.

 Be direct

I’m pretty good when it comes to expressing my feelings.  But , if I don’t care about the “subject” I would not express my feelings. I quickly realized me doing this lead to more drama that I do NOT need in my life. So, I plan to work on expressing my feelings in a not so rude way.  

Mr. Wrong

I am 27 years young, I am single and living in New York. I do not have time for games and petty drama certain men, well boys, bring into my life. My recent ex for example, I saw signs that perhaps he was not the one for me. But I ignored those signs and had to be the heart breaker. I learned a lot in that relationship…maybe I’ll share in a different blog post.

Well those are my top 3…I’m sure there will be more along the way but I’m ready to move forward not back. What are somethings you would like to work?

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