What’s New? Well Let me Tell You

It’s been a long time and I’m sorry ladies and gents. A lot has happened so let me sum it up for you all in a few bullet points.

I’m single…Yeah, my boyfriend and I broke. I’m a free agent but I’m not looking for a relationship


I have a new job…It was one of the toughest decisions of my life but I keep in touch with former co- workers


 I renewed my lease for another 2 years…More decorating. Yay!


I cut off a few guys I ‘dated’ in the past…Want to start fresh but there is this one guy I can’t let go. He has no idea how I feel about him…He will never know (low key thou).


Finally decided to go back to grad school…I’m going to be so BROKE…Oops I mean SUCCESSFUL


Random, but I have Apple music and I love it. I heard Spotify is ‘better’ but I’m content with Apple music


Looks like you all are caught up. If you have any questions for me leave a comment below.


2 thoughts on “What’s New? Well Let me Tell You

  1. Grad school ?!!! Way to go cuz, extremely proud of you! Already a success story! No more relationships until after grad, boo, stay focused! Love you! GOD got you!

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