Favorite trends for Summer 2017

Summer is almost here; despite the fact it feels likes Fall in the East coast. Nevertheless, I’m super excited about the summer trends for 2017. If you know me, you’ll know that I am all for bright colors and mix & match. Fashion to me is all about having fun and that’s what I see for 2017…Alright enough telling it is time to show. Below are my favorite summer trends for 2017.

Somewhere over the rainbow…

Is a bright color trend that made its way to the runway. I LOVE bright colors the bolder the better. If you want to make a statement; mix & match the bold bright colors. Below are a few examples.


2cents: I need a pair of bright yellow pants…I will have some much fun with them.

Don’t judge me by the color of my stripes

Striped print is timeless; a print that was famous behind bars to having the final say at the Super Bowl. I have a few striped shirts and dresses in my closet. But my personal fav is a black and white striped shirt with a bright colored skirt (preferably red).



2cents: Try a black and white striped dress with bright colored shoes. The shoes will make the outfit POP!

Totally 80’s 

Let’s go back in time where fashion was all about shoulder pads, leather jackets, and oversized blazers. 80’s fashion has sneaked its way back to 2017. Below are 80’s looks that made it to the runway.  



2cents: You can find great 80’s pieces at your local GoodWill or thrift store. I would even check out at a yard sale. 

I’m not old, I’m vintage…

Floral print has made its way from grandma’s curtains to high-end fashion designers sketchbooks. My goal for 2017 is to have more floral pieces in my closet. I’m 5’2 but that will not stop me from owning a long floral dress with a mini train. 


2cents: I may need to wear higher heels…hehe


Well, these are my favorite summer 2017 trends…What’s yours?


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