Story Time: Can’t Get Over Him


Last night I was surfing the web, drinking wine and chatting with one of my favorite gal pals, Gia*.  After Gia and I wrapped up our gossip session. We talked about men, who came into our lives, that we cannot get over.  Seeing that man will give you butterflies and leave you with constant what ifs.

What if he calls?

What if he wants to start over?

So many what ifs that time cannot keep track.

I ‘have’ a guy who I can’t get over but he doesn’t know it. It’s one of those feelings that I keep to myself. Actually, my sister and Gia are two of the few people that know about this mystery man and my feelings towards him. Gia advises that I should tell him how I feel, but…I’m too chicken.

So I just think of him for a few minutes and go on with my day. I’m sure one day I will stop…. I hope.

Is there a guy or gal you can’t get over? If so, how did you handle the situation? Please comment below and tell me what you think?

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