He’s Just Not That Into Me


This month has been crazy yet life changing for me. I have an amazing new job and I’m currently looking for an apartment in the big apple (wish me luck). But, this blog post is not about the new chapter in my life. This blog post is about a guy I use to like.

Let’s start from the beginning shall we…

I was on Tinder and I was swiping to the left like Beyoncé, until I saw a handsome young man with a stripped bowtie. I saw three pictures and swiped right. It was match!

We chatted for a bit and exchanged cell phone numbers. That same night we had a two-hour phone conversation and at that moment I knew I wanted to see him in person. His name was Michael; Michael was a comedian from Columbus, Ohio who spent an extensive number of his time in New York (he lives in New Jersey).

After our second two-hour phone conversation, Michael asked me out on a date. I was in charge of selecting the venue because I know all the hot spots in New Jersey (toot toot).

The night before our date, Michael cancelled on me, he claimed he had a last minute show in New York. I was upset but I told him it was okay and his career was more important (which is true).
I didn’t hear from him in about two weeks, which was fine because my sister was in town. The week after my sister left, I called Michael to catch up on life. He later asked me out and I said yes.

The night of our date, I was so tired and had a long day at work but I sucked it up and got dolled up. Michael picked me up and looked better in person. We went to one of my favorite restaurants in New Jersey. Michael and I spent hours laughing, eating and drinking. We ended the night with a goodnight kiss and at that moment, I knew I wanted to see him again.

We didn’t talk the week after our date because my best friend, Kesha was visiting from Chicago and he had a several shows lined up.

When Kesha left, I contacted Michael and I didn’t hear from him until the next day. I realized that Michael might not be into me as I thought. I texted him and expressed my feelings. Also, I suggested that I should fall back aka leave him alone. Michael explained, that he’s been busy and that wouldn’t be on the phone with me if he didn’t have feelings. Few minutes later, Michael asked me out and would confirm the next day.

Next day, Michael cancelled on me because he was “not feeling well”. I texted back “get well soon” and deleted his number. I don’t know if Michael liked me or if he was really sick. But I do know that I am not one of the top 5 factors of his life. When a person likes someone, they would make time for him or her.

So ladies if a guy cancels dates, don’t call back or is constantly “busy”…He is not that into you. It’s okay if you really like him; there will be another. It’s best to end a relationship during the early stages. If you have any questions or want to share a personal story, please comment below. ❤

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