Cuffing Season 101


Summer is over and fall is here, which means singles are searching for a mate to hibernate with. I am talking about cuffing season. From Netflix and chill to red wine and Chinese take out, cuffing season is a time where singles are on a hunt to find a partner for those cold and lonely nights.

It’s been awhile since I’ve been single especially during cuffing season. I’ve received several “hey stranger” text messages from male friends who I’ve dated in the past. I guess hunters are starting early this year. But, I have no interest in searching for my cuffing season mate. Unless, he finds me…

So if you’re looking for that cuffing season mate below are the dos and don’ts.

Find Mr. or Ms. Cuffington


Where you find your mate should be a place where you enjoy. For example the gym, an art gallery or if you have a busy schedule you can never go wrong with tinder.

Have an understanding


Once you find that perfect cuffing season mate you must come to an agreement. If you’re not looking for a relationship please inform your partner. It makes things less complicated.

Move forward not back


Don’t cuff with an ex, not only would you create mixed signals but you’ll be fighting about the past. Make love not war.

Don’t get too attached


Remember it’s seasonal relationship so make sure your heart is prepared for it

Create a playlist


If you want to get in the mood for a night passion and bliss create a playlist.

Cook together


Search for random cooking videos on BuzzFeed and have a late night meal.

Safety first


It’s great to have fun but remember to always use protection.

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