The Monogamists


Last night I couldn’t sleep. It was 3 o’clock in the morning and I was watching Sex and the City, I have almost every episode saved on my DVR. I reached over my nightstand to grab my O.P.I “Dulce De Leche” nail polish. I feel like this nail color is appropriate for Indian summer. My eyes were glued to the television because this Sex and the City episode had my full attention; it was titled “The Monogamists”. I automatically thought about my love life…Well what’s left of it. I met this guy name Adam; he was a screenwriter from Queens. We went on several dates and shared great nights filled with laughs and random Vine videos.

A few weeks ago we went to see “American Ultra.” After the movie we walked to a near by sports bar in Time Square. As I stuffed my face with sweet and spicy wings, Adam looked at me and said “so, we’re exclusive, right?” I washed the food down with a vodka tonic wondering what’s his definition of exclusive. I looked at Adam and said, “Are you asking me or telling me?” He said, “well I’m telling you. Since we have been spending all this time together, I assumed it’s just us two.”
I paused and looked down at my plate. He was right, he met most of my friends, we spent every weekend together and he was the only guy I was seriously dating. I looked up said yes. That night I called my best friend Kesha and told her my exclusive date.

The next morning I decided to wear my new label, exclusive. Since then, Adam and I have been hanging out almost every weekend and it was great. But like all good things, this relationship came to an end. I couldn’t hang out with Adam one weekend because my friends and I missed each other. I told Adam, I couldn’t hang out this weekend but we can definitely hang out next week. Long story short, Adam thought I was free the weekend I made plans with my friends and was upset because “I ditched him for my friends.”
At that moment I realized, I wasn’t ready to be exclusive nor am I ready to have a heated argument with someone who is not my boyfriend. So I ended the battle with a good day and wore my vintage label, single and fabulous.

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