My Awkward “You Should be Here” Date


I can officially say I am not ‘new’ to the dating scene. I had great dates and some bad dates but this post blog will be about my “you should be here” date.

I met this nice guy name Barry, who is a personal at a gym not too far from my house. On our first date we went to nice Mexican restaurant for lunch. We laughed and talked about life but I got a friend vibe from him. So I put him in the friend zone.

Last week, I received a text message from Barry. He said, “I’m working on this project, I’m super excited about it and where things are going. You’re very sharp, intelligent, honest and a hard worker. Therefore I would love to get your feedback on it.” “Sure” I replied. He picked me up around 5PM and we had an early dinner at a local bar/restaurant in the middle of Union county. We sat in the outdoor area of the restaurant, where the waitress asked if she could start us off with something to drink.

Barry pulled out his laptop and asked if I take a closer look. I saw a slide of a beach and I was bit confused on where his “project” was going. Barry smiled and asked, “Do you like to travel?” At the moment, I realized our early dinner date turned into a “network marketing” pyramid one on one lunch meeting. So, I listened and watched 40 slides of BMW’s, beaches and faces of people who are living the dream. But if I pay $50 a month I can live that dream too.

Finally, Barry finished his presentation and asked me what I thought. I kindly declined the offer.

The food arrived and I enjoyed my salmon salad and my ice-cold vodka tonic.

After our business meeting, Barry and I went our separate ways. I thought we could of possibly build a friendship but I think he needed me to gain points for a BMW.

Well, that was my awkward date story. Please comment below and tell me about your awkward date.

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