Girls’ Night In

A gal doesn’t have to go out every weekend to have fun; sometimes it’s best to stay in and have a girls’ night in. Below are great themes for a successful girls night in.

Wine Tasting


Host a wine-tasting party! Purchase red or white bottles of wine from your local liquor store— cheese, crackers and fruits from the grocery store and TADA! You have a fabulous girls’ night in.

Let’s Play Chef


Cook with your friends! It’s a great way to save money and brush up on your cooking skills. If you want to make things more interesting select an authentic dish. For example a Thai dish as the appetizer, a Mexican dish as the entrée and a chocolate mousse from France for dessert.

Makeup Tutorial


Search for different makeup tutorials on YouTube from contouring to smoky eye and try it out.

Movie Night


Pull up your Netflix or Hulu Plus and have a Seinfeld marathon with your girls.

DIY (Do It Yourself)


Search for cool craft ideas from Pinterest and gather your favorite gal pals for a night of DIY.

Poker Face


Enjoy a nice card game with wine, music and great friends.

Clothing Swap


Something old can now be something new. Invite your fashionable gal pals and ask them to bring 5-10 pieces of garments that they’re willing to exchange for something new. Exchange your Ralph Lauren sweater for your BFF’s plaid skirt from Zara.

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