The Small Business Shopping & Fashion Soirée

I love New York, you never know what event is going on, who you may meet or what type of foods you may eat (I am a secret fatty.)

Last month I did all three in one night, I was on a date with a guy who I did not care for too much. We went to Patron which is a Mexican chain restaurant, the food is okay (depending on what you get) but the drinks are out of this world.
As I took a sip of my mango margarita and listened to my date brag about how cool he and his friends are, I overheard a conversation a young woman by the name of Aroka was having a gal pal about networking events. We chatted for a bit and she told me about an event that she’s having at Amy’s Ruth in Harlem, called “The Small Business Shopping & Fashion Soirée.”

“The Small Business Shopping & Fashion Soirée” is a gathering-event where small businesses from beauty, fashion, media and entertainment industries come together for free manicures, free mini makeovers, complimentary curls and hair tips, fashion and live performances. This event is also great for networking. Below is a more information about the event. 

If you want more information about this event please e-mail
Hope to see you there!

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