We Love Daro: Online Modern Vintage Boutique


We Love Daro is an online modern vintage boutique for ladies and gents around the U.S. My business partner and I founded We Love Daro in 2014 and it’s has been a life changing experience for us (so far.)  

On November 22, 2014, my partner and I packed our bags and traveled to the Z NYC Hotel in Long Island City, NY to plan a photo shoot for the website. We chose this hotel because the rooftop and view of the city is simply amazing! Call time was 4pm and we made sure everything was set up before the makeup artist, photographer and models showed up.

Makeup artist Nay Denise was the first guest to arrive with a huge suitcase of makeup and brushes. 

“Oh my” I whispered to myself.  

30 minutes later the models and  photographer began rolling in. As the models were getting ready, photographer and close friend, Simmie Hayes began to set up on the rooftop. It was around 5pm and it was dark outside but the city lights looked even more beautiful. It was freezing outside, I would say around 30 degrees but we pulled it off just fine. Below are pictures from the shoot. Please visit We Love Daro and let me know what you think, feel free to purchase a few items as well. 

Jackie 3

Model: Jacquelyn G. 

Instagram: jjacquelynn23 



Nik 2

Model: Nikolas K. 



Nay Denise

 Makeup Artist: Nay Denise 


Social Media   


Photographer: Simmie Hayes  



FullSizeRender (5)






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