What NOT to do on a First Date


I want to apologize for my absence; I’ve been so busy with work.  I am sorry ladies and gents and I hope you can forgive me.  

Any who…Today’s blog post will be about first dates and what NOT to do on a first date.

First impression is everything and the last thing you want to do is ruin a great evening by  doing something stupid and random. Below is a list of things that you should not  do on a first date, please comment below and tell me what you think?

Avoid messy foods


I love to eat food; the smellier the better.  But I will not eat that big bowl of pasta with  garlic knot on the first date…Remember your date is watching you. 

Put your cellphone away


If it’s not an emergency you have no reason to be glued to your cell phone…It is SOO RUDE!   

Ask questions 


If your date ask you what’s your favorite color? Listen and ask your date what’s his or her favorite color.

Don’t talk about your ex 


Your date wants to get to know you. Your date doesn’t  want to hear you rant about your cheating lying ex. Save that topic for another time. 

Even Steven? 


Whoever asked to go out on a date should pay for dinner. So I don’t ask guys out on dates jk :p 

Don’t be late 


If you’re going to be late… PLEASE call or text message your date. No one likes to wait. 

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