Girls night out…

Is a great way to relieve stress and spend time with the gals; but sometimes we as woman are so busy with work, school, and relationships that we forget about our friends.  Below are fun activities-ideas that you and your favorite pals can enjoy. 

Love wine?



Me too! Why not host a wine-tasting party. It’s wallet friendly and you learn more about wine. 


Groupon and Living Social deals..Oh my


Find great deals on Groupon or Living Social to a restaurants that you and your friends never been to. You’d be surprised at what you may find.  


Maybe she was born with it…


Search for make-up tutorial on youtube and practice on each other. You can also tied that into a photo shoot, it will be fun.


Bon Appetit


Cook together or bake some yummy treats. Search for great recipes on Pinterest 


Want to watch a movie?


Can’t go wrong with a movie night with the girls or watch all 6 seasons of Sex and the City. 


Poker face


Have a poker game night! Bring out the blackjack table and poker chips; there’s nothing wrong with a little competition. 


You can also try:

Spin class, Dance class,Sleepover, Spa date 






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