Valentine’s Day Date Night Ideas


Love is in the air, (well maybe for some of us) and speaking of love, Valentine’s day is around the corner; 26 days to be exact. If you want to do something special for your partner on Valentine’s day, and have no idea where to start? Just scroll down and keep reading, because I have great V-Day ideas for you and your partner. 

Spa Date


 Relaxing spa date for two? It’s a great way for you and your partner to relax and spend quality time together. 


Go Dancing 


Dance the night away…”No one puts baby in the corner.” 

Chef you and me 


Try a cooking class or cook together at home. 

Dinner Date


Can’t go wrong with dinner…Try a restaurant with a nice view. 

Rock climbing 


Like to stay fit? Try rock climbing with a healthy protein shake after the workout. 

Go out for drinks


Have drinks with your partner or ladies night out.

Try a pottery class 


Try a pottery class or an art show. 

Listen to live jazz 


Enjoy the smooth sounds of XYZ

For more ideas click here

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