Hello I am Single


Last night as I was on Facebook reading random blogs – articles on my newsfeed. I stumbled upon an interesting article titled “14 Things Never To Say To Your Single Friend” from Madamenoire.com. I read the article and automatically thought about my single friends, who want to be in a relationship and those who don’t. Below are few of the “things”- questions that I agree with from the, Madame Noire, article.

Why aren’t you married?


I’m 23 years old and it amaze me how many of my friends, who are the same age or a few years older, are engaged.  But never ask your friend that question its rude and insensitive.

Have you tried online dating?


If your friend wants to make an online dating account than okay let him or her meet their computer love. But don’t make an account behind him or her back.

Love comes when you least expect it


Save the fortune cookie quote for someone who cares.

Why you end things with XYZ


An ex is an ex for a reason, stay out of it.

You’re too picky

Image click on image 

Your friend knows what guy or gal makes him or her happy.

I’m jealous of you! Being single is fun 


No you’re not! This doesn’t make your single friend feel better about him or her self. You’re doing too much.

You can always hang out with my partner and me if you want


Ehh…Can you say third wheel!

You need to put yourself out there

mermaid click on image

Don’t assume that your friend is not making an effort.

You’ll love my friend XYZ 


If you want to play matchmaker, you need to let your friend know that you have “zero investment” in whether or not the set up works out. Don’t assume that your friend will love XYZ.

You should dress flirtier 

duh click on image 

Please don’t tell your friend what to wear, unless s/he asks.

Relationships aren’t for everyone 

beyoncé-single-ladies-o click on image 

This statement sounds like you’re giving up on your friend and s/he will never find love.

Click here for article 

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