Robin’s How To: How to Avoid Entry Level Scams


“Finding a job is a job itself” my dad always told me (I’m pretty sure he stole this quote from someone).

But with the extensive number of marketing, sales and entertainment jobs posted on job boards you would have thought finding a job would be a piece of cake. But unfortunately it’s not 😦 many of these ‘jobs’ are scams, who are run by scammers. Scammers are people who want to take your precious time, money and labor.

Don’t worry if you’ve been scammed once or twice; I too was victim of entry-level scams.

Luckily, I’ve done my research and can easily spot an entry-level scam; and you can too!

Below are the best ways to avoid entry-level scams.

The job subject-headline may say

***IMMEDIATE HIRE*** Work With PRO Sports or Entertainment! We Will Train!

FRESH TALENT NEEDED – Entry Level Marketing

Start your Career in Sports and Entertainment Marketing!!!

The company will contact you

The company or organization will e-mail you and say “Hello so and so, I saw your resume online and I would love to schedule an interview with you.”

Great pay!

Scammer will say “make $45 an hour working from home.”

Research, Research, Research

Before agreeing to an interview, do your research.

You’re asked to provide confidential information 

Some scammers will ask for your account information to set up a direct deposit or ask you to open a new bank account.  Others scammers may ask you to fill out a credit report form online “so they can put you on the company insurance.”

They want you to pay for something

Hello I need a job to make money not lose money

The company wants you to go door to door

Need I say more?

If you think it’s a scam and something is telling you that it is a scam, chances are it is.

Good luck on your job search and don’t be a victim


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