Dating 101: Reasons Why Your Relationship Never Last

Everyone wants a meaningful and loving relationship, but let’s face it relationships are tough!

Nevertheless, we as human beings have flaws and these flaws may push our partners away.

Here are a few behaviors that might push your partner away.

Poor Communication Skills


Communication is key in any relationship. If you’re not open emotionally, the relationship won’t last.

You’re Disrespectful


In order to receive respect, you have to give it! The lack of respect can lead to communication failures and cheating.

You’re Defensive


No one likes to be criticized and thrown under the bus. When you become defensive after receiving advice or constructive criticism your partner may not want to communicate with you and that can lead to an unhealthy relationship.

You’re Needy


It’s always great to spend time with your partner, but it is also good to have your space. If you want the relationship to last you must have a balance between couples time and alone time.

You’re Too Busy


Women nowadays love to be independent, but all that work can leave your partner in the dust. A relationship requires effort and time and if you’re too busy for a relationship than maybe you should end it.

You Lack Self-Confidence


You can’t love someone without loving yourself. If you lack self-esteem that can lead to jealously, lack of trust and an unhealthy relationship.

You Don’t Know What You Want


One of the major reasons why relationships don’t last is because you don’t know what you want! Know what you want before committing yourself and involving someone else’s feelings.

You’re Immature


Immaturity and lasting relationship don’t mix. How can you have a serious relationship if you can’t be taken seriously?

You Have Trust Issues


“If there’s no trust, there’s no us”…Need I say more.

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