YouTube: Robin’s Favorite Vlogger

I am a huge YouTube fan!
I love watching YouTube videos at night when I can’t sleep, during lunch breaks or on a boring Thursday night.
I have a list of vloggers who I watch-listen to regularly and I would like to share that list with you guys and gals.
Below is my list of YouTube vloggers…Enjoy!



YouTube: ItsKingsleyBitch

I’ve been watching Kingsley’s videos for years!!! He is one of the reasons why I started watching YouTube videos. Kingsley’s videos are about celebrity gossips, his life- opinions, short skits (Really B Really) and he is extremely FUNNY!   


Just For Laughs

YouTube: Just For Laughs Gags

Just for Laughs Gags is a silent comedy-hidden camera reality show.  The cast of the show plays silly yet clever pranks on innocent people. The show doesn’t contain any dialogue or sound only background music. This is a great channel to watch with friend.



YouTube: CelebTV

If you’re looking to find the dirt on a particular celebrity or want to know the latest trend-gossip, CelebTV is you’re go-to YouTube channel. CelebTv delivers 8 to 10 videos a day. The videos are about red carpet events, style & fashion, entertainment and much more.


Marcus Butler

YouTube: MarcusButlerTv

Marcus Butler aka Matty Butt Butt videos are about his life-opinions such as “Type of Friends” and “How Girls Get Ready” he also creates “skits” – examples that make it more entertaining. Marcus is a very attractive young man with a nice accent aka He’s really HOT!





YouTube: TiffanyRotheWorkouts

Too “busy” to go to the gym?

No worries, Tiffany has the perfect workout to help you lose weight. I love Tiffany workout videos because it actually works! I must admit, I don’t workout everyday but when I’m in my apartment I make sure to view Tiffany’s workout videos.


Well that’s my Top 4 videos I wanted to add more but its 3am (EST) and I need to go to bed, but if you have any YouTube videos that you enjoy watching please comment below.



Robin ❤ 

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