8 Things You Should Never Wear to a Wedding

Its wedding season and before you set foot inside that church or wedding reception you want to make sure you don’t like a total asshat.

 Here are 8 things you should NEVER wear to a wedding.

A White Dress


No white or ivory! The bride is the only woman that is allowed to wear a white-ivory dress.


A Short Tight Dress


It’s a wedding not Greenhouse.



A black dress is appropriate for funeral, but a wedding is a celebration so live it up with some color.



T-shirt and jeans to a wedding, HAHAHAHA! Please save yourself the embarrassment.

A Tiara


Need I say more?

A Prom Dress 


Again, this is not your wedding day, so leave the long dress at home.


A Pantsuit


It’s a wedding not a business meeting at the office.

 Loud Animal Prints


Unless the bride wants you to perform a circus act in the middle of the dance floor, there’s no need for the animal prints. The attention must be on the bride. 


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