He’s just not that into you!


Finding the perfect man, especially in the island of Manhattan, can take years. Almost every month I find myself out for coffee or drinks with a friend, who goes on and on about some guy and ask questions like…
Will he call again?
Does he like me as much as I like him?
And the most common question: Where is this all going?
Well ladies I may not have all of the questions, but I do have signs to know if that guy is NOT into you.

He takes too long to text back-If your male companion takes hours-or even days- to respond to a simple “Hey how are you?” text message, please do yourself a favor and kick him to the curb.

He distances himself from you (physically and emotionally)– If your “prefect man” avoids eye contact or withholds sharing personal details about his life? Sorry you’re just a “good time” (harsh I know).

He never comes over – Men don’t like to go out their way-so if he likes you he’ll come to you. If your male companion won’t drive, take a cab or subway to your house; he is not willing to go the extra mile-especially when it comes to the relationship.

He avoids touching you in public– If your “boyfriend” loves touching-kissing you in private, but wont hold your hand in public it is a major red flag!

He only sees you at night – If he only calls-text messages you at midnight; you’re a booty call.

He attends major events WITHOUT you– If your guy friend doesn’t invite you to a best friend’s beach party? Family cookout? Or maybe his birthday party? Just know that he doesn’t take you seriously.

He refuses to make short or long-term goals with you– Does your lover break plans with you to hang out with his friends? Refuse to plan weekend getaways? Call himself a “homebody”? Yeah honey that’s your cue to go!

He’s a flake– Need I say more….

He’s with another woman– Your lover might say he loves you or he’ll one day leave his girlfriend-wife for you. But just so you know, he won’t, if he lies to his girlfriend-wife he will lie to you.

He’s not intimate – Need I say more…

If you have any suggestions or comments feel free to let me know!

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