Vacation all I ever wanted!


After applying to countless job applications and attending networking event; I decide to treat myself to a mini vacation (in the U.S.).

I am going to Atlanta, GA in a few weeks and I am very excited.


I have a small problem; I am one of those people who pack their whole life into a suitcase.


I came up with a list of things to pack for a mini vaca!

  •  If you’re going somewhere hot. Bring three swimsuits (max.).
  •   Beauty products! If you’re taking a plan, pack the beauty products inside a zip lock bag.
  • Clothes!!!! Bring five shirts, four bottoms, two dresses and three pair of shoes. This is a great strategy to mix and match, not to mention handful of outfits.
  •   Music…Need I say more.
  •    A book: Something to read while you’re on the plane.
  • Cash, Cash, Cash!!!
  •  Don’t forget the sun block!

I have a feeling I am missing a few things, so if you have any comments or suggestions feel free to comment below!

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