How to meet a guy in 10 days?


I decided to switch things up a bit and write about relationships.

Last week, I went to a get together at a girlfriends apartment and we were talking about “finding the right man.”

“Robin, where did you meet your boyfriend?” one of the ladies asked.

“Yes, you two look so cute together” another young lady mentioned.

I told the ladies how I met my boyfriend and before I know it, I was preaching the gospel to 7 single women.

**I would like to mention that I am not a relationship guru or expert. This list is based on my experience.**

  1. What intrest you ? Whatever your interests are tie that into finding the right man. For example cooking and yoga classes or perhaps an art gallery.
  2. Network: Attend networking events; you can find a potential career and a man. is a great website find network events.
  3. Church: You can meet your one true love at church. Attend bible studies, church retreats, christmas parties and etc.
  4. Volunteer: Volunteer at a non-profit organization or church. Lend a helping hand while you’re in the hunt for the perfect man.
  5. Charity Events: Attend charity events…
  6. Don’t Look too Hard: The man of your dreams is probably right under your nose, such as best friend or co-workers brother.

If you have any suggestions or comments, feel free to leave a comment below.

3 thoughts on “How to meet a guy in 10 days?

      • Aha – smart thinking there, Robin!
        Equal time for all.
        Real ‘Today’s’ Blogging though – keep it going!

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