Dress Him for a Change

I love my boyfriend, but I am not too fond of his wardrobe. >:O

I know, I am not the only woman in the island of Manhattan, who has this problem.

But luckily I  have the ability to transform his wardrobe into something magical, and ladies you can too. Below are a few outfit ideas you can suggest to your lover.

991d6be3636c4ad545b3129e33c2f644 tumblr_lq92ieYgrj1qidbxoo1_500_thumb tumblr_mb1epc8Yyl1qh9w2do1_1280tumblr_mbyr3amqvg1rs1bjno1_500tumblr_m7m6oiM0Ai1ra9ylfo1_500 tumblr_mn4dubY5NA1r2wgwlo1_500

72845661_L0eC3jj9_c d94afb4d97e089f21601e4733e184b72 the_ramos_report_tumblr1

Photo Source: Tumblr

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