Another blog post about graduation & life


Another rainy evening and I am sitting in my school’s computer lab, applying to an extensive number of jobs. It is my last semester of college and I am extremely nervous…

I take a sip of my coffee and ask myself what if???

What if i can’t find a job after graduation?

What if I can’t find an apartment in New York?

What if I walk across the stage on graduation day and I fall down the stairs?

What if, what if, what if… But I had a answer to all for all of my questions.

I said to myself: Self you will have a job after graduation!

You will find an apartment in New York!

And if you fall you will get back up again!

Its great to have faith and to work hard. I said to myself trying to hold in the excitement and not yell across the computer lab.

p>So whenever I’m feeling down about graduation and life I will read this blog post to make me happy. /p>


Robin L. Toussaint

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