What will happen after graduation?

I sit in the computer lab wearing an all black jumpsuit, high snow boots and a colorful beaded hat. The weather’s terrible today so I didn’t to wear an outfit to match.

As I take a sip of my Starbucks latte, I begin to think about the future. It is my senior year of college and I have no idea how my life would be after graduation. I will not attend grad school right after graduation, because I still want to have a place to live and food to eat.

Almost every day I hear classmates say “I can’t wait to graduate, I’m so sick of this school” or “after graduation I’m not going back home, I’m staying in New York” and my personal favorite “May 2013 I’m out of here!” But should a person be so eager to leave if they do not know where they will be in the future?

Yes, I’m excited but I’m also nervous. But I am a believer and I know I will find my dream job. ^_^


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