Happy Halloween…Now Lets Play Dress Up!

Halloween is my favorite “holiday”!

Who can turn down a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks that is only available during the fall season?

Or a dark chocolate frosted cup cake with bright orange sprinkles that you had your eye on in the bakery aisle of ShopRite.

Or that sexy kitten costume that you keep deep inside of your closet, knowing that one day you will wear it and won’t look like total slut walking down the streets of Chelsea Piers on Halloween night.

I know I can’t turn down any of these things. But my favorite part of Halloween is dressing up in a sexy, scary or funny costume. Below are a few of my favorite costumes. Enjoy and Happy Halloween hahahahaha *evil laugh* 😉

What’s Up Doc?  Hop into this sexy bunny costume and see if Elmer Fudd could come out and play. *wink wink*


Wiggle your nose into this sexy genie costume. Remember you only have three wishes so choose wisely.

Nothing is scarier than a monster bride. Scare your ex, soon to be or husband with this costume. Well maybe just your ex.

With all the attention this Sesame Street star is getting it is only right to dress like one of the hot topic of the season. Big Bird!  

The freaks are the only ones who come out at night.  Slip into this shiny leather body suite and purr your way into Batman arms.

All of these costumes are available at www.wholesalehalloweencostumes.com

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