I Can’t Leave without My Crew: J. Crew

Are you looking for a clothing brand to spice up your wardrobe?

A brand that will distract others from looking at your hair, in case you forgot to brush it in the morning.

A brand where the clothing speaks for itself and you’ll know exactly what phase means.

Well, look no further J. Crew has your back!

I wish I can purchase every item inside  J. Crew stores. But as a college student attending a private university in New York I don’t see it happing (well not anytime soon.).

Below are a few trendy outfits to spice up your wardrobe and one day spice up mine *fingers cross*

Optic-Dot Dress

 This is the perfect day to night dress. I would wear this to my internship, the color is amazing.

School Boy Blazer in Wool Flannel

This pumpkin spice blazer is great for night out with friends. I would wear this to class, I love to stand out.

Edie Attache Bag

I have a huge fetish for handbags and the winner for handbag of the week is Edie Attache! The color, strap, and shape oh my!

Arabelle Long Dress in Silk Chiffon

 Wedding season is not over yet. If you’re looking for a timeless bridesmaid dress I present to you contestant number 4! Love the color!

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