I don’t match: I mix and match

Whenever I travel to DC to visit my beloved sister, she would take one look at me and say “cute outfit, but you don’t match.” I would just laugh it off and complain about the circle roads in chocolate city.
But not matching has become a trend; from combing random colors to wearing two different animal print at the same time. Not matching is the first class ticket to a stylish wardrobe. Below are celebrities who love to mix and match and look fabulous doing it.

I love Rihanna edgy look, her gold heels is the cherry to the purple and bright orange split. I would wear this outfit to drinks with friends as I meet new friends. *wink*


Sarah Jessica Parker wore a chic non matching outfit on the set of Sex and the City the movie. This outfit is great for the fall I love the fur coat. *sigh* One day I will have a real fur coat of my own.


The colors in Kim Kardashian outfit is similar to Rihanna, but Kim lime green scandals make the outfit pop! I adore this high waisted top with the bronze belt. I would wear this to a date (if he’s worth it.).


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