The Low Down on Robin T.

I live in a cave deep in Fresh Meadows, Queens NY that is.

Batman passed down the cave to me and I am force to live in this bat cave until I find my dream job and the money to live in an apartment on the Upper East Side.

I love music; music is my first and only true love everything else comes second.

I am creative Aries and yes I do believe in Astrology, well only the good things not the bad.

I love bright colors, pearls and big curly hair; ironically I am wearing all three.

I am addicted to Starbucks coffee. Need I say more?

I love old black and white movies, sex and the city and musicals.

I love sushi.

Okay I realize this blog post is turning into things Robin “love.”

Well that just a little about myself.

Comment on the bottom and tell me more about you! Well only if it’s interesting.

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