I see London, I see France…

I see your girly underpants!

Just kidding, but seriously ladies,  what comes to mind as you select that  pair of panties for the day?

Do you choose your undergarments base on style?

Where you’re going?

Or who’s coming over?  *wink wink*

Well I’ve learned something very interesting today and when it comes to underwear color does matter!  Below are meanings behind each color.

Black:  Sexy, let’s get it on Marvin Gaye voice kind of panties.

White:  innocence, I am an angel…on the outside.

Red: Romantic, I love you you adore me.

Pink: Flirty, la la la you can’t catch me.

Blue: In control,  so you have to do everything I say or else.

Purple: Mysterious…Hmm there’s something about you.

Nude: I am confident; I’m too sexy for my shirt.

Animal print: Wild thang…need I say more.

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