I have a date at the Banana Republic

Finally! That hot guy or gal, who you had your eye on since the mid 90’s, ask you out on a date.

Congratulations you officially have a date for Friday night. And 80% of the population in your city or township are jealous of you.

But wait! You realize you don’t have anything to wear. Luckily you have a round trip ticket to the Republic, Banana Republic.

Below are three different outfits, from Banana Republic, that are great for a first date:

Heritage Floral Pintuck Blouse

If your date asks you out to lunch, coffee or a walk around Central Park. This floral blouse is fabulous for a afternoon date, but not too over the top.


Striped Silk Side Button Blouse

If your date asks you out for dinner or drinks, this striped silk blouse is perfect for a couples night out.


Heritage Print Tie Waist Dress

Let’s say your date left the decision making up to you. Try a picnic! This chic print tie dress looks great on a checkers blanket.


All of these outfits can be found at www.bananarepublic.gap.com

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