Jump in , Jump out, Introduce Yourself


Me: My name is Robin

Crowd cheers: ” Yeah”

Me: And I love writing

Crowd cheers: “Yeah”

Me: And I’m gonna keep on writing

Crowd cheers: “Yeah”

Me: Everyday of my life

Crowd cheers: “Everyday of her life”

Okay that was fun, but back to our scheduled blog.

Come one, hell why not all!

My name is Robin and I am a college student, who is addicted to Starbucks coffee (first step is admitting it.).

I randomly select fashion ads from magazines and write blogs about them.

I am trying to improve my writing skills, so I thought this is a great way to do it.

Leave comments and tell me what you think!


Robin ^_^

2 thoughts on “Jump in , Jump out, Introduce Yourself

  1. hey, Robin! It’s me, Jong~! I read your blog and really enjoyed what you wrote 🙂
    I’m gonna continue reading your posts and suggest hot items to my gf!
    I wish a lot of people visit your blog and you will be a famous fashion blogger!! XD

    • Thanks Jong 😊 I’m happy you like the blogs and thank you! Lolz I know you will make your gf happy 🙂

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